Till now, my favorite weather app was Eye in Sky Weather, but from now on its Nice Weather for Android. The app is simple, clean and minimal with forecasts of next 5 days with different background colors for different weather conditions.


Nice Weather is an app designed for those who love content in a simple yet interactive user interface with a touch of minimalism and flatness. The icons used in the app for weather symbols are plain. You can use the GPS of your phone to display the weather of your current location or you can set a specific location from the map.


The app not only displays the weather but also displays additional information like Wind Speed, Temperature and Precipitation and you can change the units as desired. It automatically updates the data in background, so when you open the app, it will show you the most recent weather information. Also, no worries if you are disconnected from the Internet, it will still show you the weather information from the last update.

The app displays a temperature graph which is pretty cool, you can slide your finger over the graph to check the weather along the day. It also displays the location and the day and the hour.

Apart from the selection of units for temperature, wind speed and the precipitation, you don't get any options or menu where you can tweak the app. But it doesn't need options, it's already perfect but it would have been great if the app runs on full screen. But even then, it looks pretty good on larger screens.

Nice Weather