Microsoft's Windows OS is gaining reputation among professionals gradually. After Nokia's acquisition by Microsoft, more Windows phones are being expected to come out soon. Sony is also showing interest in making Windows phones and soon we will be seeing Windows phones from Sony.


Without doubt, the number of Windows phone users is increasing tremendously. With phones like Lumia 925 and Lumia 1520, it is very hard for photographers to go with any other phone.

The only thing that's wrong with WP OS is that it lacks apps. With competitors having thousands of apps, Windows phone OS needs more apps in the market. One more thing that can be a bit better is the interface. There's no doubt that Windows phone OS is very smooth and the transitions are fast.

While browsing through Behance, I found a really beautiful Windows phone concept. This is so nicely done that it deserves to be showcased here. I don't know how practical the concept is, but I would love to see Windows phone OS like this.


The concept of tiles with background looks really nice. Also, unlike in the original Windows phone in which you can select only one color for every tile, the concept features stunning colors for different tiles.