If you’re a designer who loves to play with fonts of different types, then you should be knowing about Google’s Webfonts service. Google Webfonts directory contains hundreds of fonts that can be used anywhere on the web easily.


I earlier published about the Extensis plugin for Photoshop, that allows users to use any of the Google font right in the Photoshop without downloading the fonts manually. But unfortunately, it is only for Photoshop.

I have been using a very nice app, Skyfonts which allows users to quickly use any of the Google font. It quickly installs the font on your system so that you can use the font system-wide. All you have to do is install the app on your desktop. Once done, you can browse through the Webfonts on Fonts.com and add the desired fonts individually. You can also search for a font and batch install the fonts.


Skyfonts is free and is available for Mac as well as Windows. The alternative of this is to download all the Google fonts and install manually which is a bit same as of using Skyfonts. I think there’s no better solution than Skyfonts if you want to use Google fonts on your desktop.

Skyfonts for Mac, Windows