iOS devs are updating their Cydia themes and since Winterboard is now working fine for most users, we can use our favorite themes again on iOS 7.

Jaku is a beautiful icons theme for jailbroken iOS 7 users. The theme was one of the most popular Winterboard theme among users for iOS 6. Recently, the theme developer William Szilveszter pushed the updated version of Jaku theme with iOS 7 compatibility. The theme is now compatible with iPhone 5s, new iPad Mini and the iPad Air.

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Jaku is an icons only theme with some really nice icons designed by the developer. According to the dev, since Apple build iOS 7 from ground, it has become hard for iOS theme developers to update their themes.

As a Cydia developer, we are granted the ability to set two parameters: One is the device, the other is the iOS firmware version. I have enabled Jaku for devices that are capable of running WinterBoard and iOS 7.0. Why the loss of iOS 6? Because Apple changed the script and rebuilt iOS from the ground up. So much as changed that it is now nigh impossible to support both versions. The biggest issue is the general file structure.

If you had purchased the theme earlier, you will not be charged and you can update the theme for free from the Cydia app. If you want to download the theme and it's your first time, you can download it for $2.99 from Cydia app.