Google is regularly adding new features to its desktop browser. Recently, Google added App launcher for Mac and Windows, and today they introduced Google Now in Chrome Canary, which is the experimental build of Google Chrome.

Google Now was an android feature till now, which allows android users to make some basic actions using voice commands. After Android 4.4 update, users can use Google now without touching the phone. All they have to do is say "Ok, Google" followed by the action.


With the addition of Google now in Chrome desktop browser, it will be easier for users to handle basic stuff, like we can get the weather updates, flight updates and everything quickly. It will be a useful addition if Google implements it well on Chrome.

If you are eager to test the feature ahead of its official release in Chrome, you will have to download Chrome Canary build. Once downloaded, login to your Gmail account.


Now open a new tab in Canary and enter "chrome://flags" in the address bar. It will open the list of features, which you can enable or disable. Now press "Cmd + F" to open the search box and search for Google now.

It will show you the option as in the above screenshot. What you have to do is to enable it and close the tab. That's all.

You may need to relaunch the browser once. Now, along with all your notifications, it will also display Google now notifications.