Remember the iOS 8 Mission Control concept that we shared a few days back, the concept is going to be reality soon with a new Cydia tweak, Vertex. Merging the Multi-tasking window and the Control Center is what is suggested in the Mission Control concept and it is nicely demonstrated by Bill Labus in the video, the guy behind the concept.

Combining Control Center and App Switcher will make it easier for users to cycle through running apps as well as toggle the basic settings from a single screen. Also, users will just need to swipe up to bring Mission Control. Vertex is an upcoming tweak that promises this functionality. The tweak was announced on Reddit and is currently being tested. The developers behind Vertex are @tmnlsthrn, the same dev who created SwipeAway, Redes7gn theme and @ianb821 who is behind GuestMode, SlideforUsage and TapTodaysCalendar.

They also shared a video showing how Vertex will work.

As we can see in the video, the tweak works just like what Bill suggested and showed in demonstration, except the tweak uses the blurred version of the wallpaper in the background of Mission Control to give iOS 7 touch to it. The tweak will be using small and sweet minimalistic icons for the toggles. Additionally, the tweak will have SlideForUsage integration and will display the app usage data when we slide the app down in the app switcher.

There’s no release date mentioned yet but since its being currently tested, we can expect the tweak in the upcoming weeks. If you’re desperate to test the tweak on your iPhone, you can do so by contacting the devs via twitter or on their website.

H/t Khamosh Pathak