There’s awesomeness in simplicity. Todoist is one of the simplest in design, yet powerful in terms of feature to-do app. The service has apps for most platforms including Mac, iPhone and Android.

It is basically a web app that’s also responsive in design, so the apps for Mac and other platforms just loads up the site.

I have tried Wunderlist, Things and some other to-do apps. Wunderlist is nice but what it and most other to-do apps still lacks some important features. One of them is menu-bar access so that we can add tasks from the menu-bar itself and we wouldn't have to open the app every-time or keep it opened in the background.


Todoist is simple in looks, but comes packed with some nice features. The best thing about Todoist is that it is compatible with almost every platform, so there’s no problem in adding and checking the tasks on the go. The app works offline and needs internet only for the syncing purpose.

Setting Up Todoist

It is very easy to get started with Todoist. You just need to create an account which you can also do using your Google account.

Once you get to the dashboard, you can add tasks, create projects and add project specific tasks. Todoist categorises the tasks based on time. It displays the Tasks to be completed today, tomorrow and lists all the tasks in the Inbox. If you’re working on a project, you can create a project for it on Todoist and add project specific tasks.


You can use filters and labels to organize your tasks well. While Labels is in the list of premium features, free users can still assign priorities to their tasks. There’s also a search box on the app to search for tasks. Premium users can also set reminders. Basically, the Todoist is very easy to use and navigate and the minimalistic design makes it look nicer.


Todoist Options

Since Todoist is a web-based app, it doesn’t comes with a lot of options. Most of the options can be found on the web only, though users get some very basic options with the Mac app.

Users can add custom keyboard shortcut for Showing or Hiding the Todoist window, and also for quickly adding task. Users can also select if they want to keep the dock icon or not. It also notifies users about the tasks to be completed soon. Users can also invite other users for collaboration. Apart from these, Todoist also have a menu-bar icon for quick access.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not that advanced user and just want to keep up with your tasks, Todoist should work well for you. But if you’re an advanced user who work on several projects, then Todoist isn't what you are looking for.