Instagram just released Hyperlapse app for iOS. Using Hyperlapse, users can shoot time-lapse videos right from their iPhone or iPad. The app is very simple to use. You just need to open the app and tap the recording button at the bottom. If there is the absence of much lighting, it will automatically notify you and will ask you to record in brighter lighting area.

You just have to record a video and once done, tap the circle button at the bottom again. Hyperlapse allows users to record videos as long as space is available for video. Once you are done recording the video, it will then show you a preview of your time-lapse footage with 6X speed. You can use the slider at the bottom to increase or decrease the speed. You can increase the speed up to 12X.

Once you select the desired video speed, you can tap on the done icon at the top right. The app will then store the time-lapse video you just created in Photos app. After saving the video, you can share the video on your Facebook account or on your Instagram account directly from the Hyperlapse app. If you want to create another Time lapse video, you can just tap on “New Hyperlapse” button and record a new Hyperlapse.

Above is a time-lapse video created using Hyperlapse app from Instagram.

The process of taking Time lapse videos usually includes holding the camera still and record the movements. So, to achieve high quality time-lapse videos, it is required that the device or camera should have better image stabilisation. Hyperlapse app from Instagram includes built-in image stabilisation feature which lets users create quality and cinematic time-lapse videos.

Hyperlapse is available for iPhone and iPad on iTunes App Store.