Falcon Pro is another twitter client app for Android phones. Most of the users I knew switched to Falcon Pro from the Official Twitter for Android App. So, I took some time and tried the app for a day.

Falcon Pro is a nice app with functionalities more than any other twitter client for android. The app shows up your twitter timeline in simple and clean layout and you can swipe left or right for accessing your account feeds and trending tags.


I didn't like it at the very first moment, but there's an option in the settings which allows users to change the color layout, you can choose between white, grey and black. The app shows up your timeline, mentions, DMs, retweets, favorites by swiping left from the primary screen while you can get access to your lists, starred users, saved searches, world trends and local trends by swiping right.

I haven't seen any other twitter app with so much of features which can be accessed in simple swipes. You can use multiple accounts on Falcon Pro and it manages multiple accounts pretty well.

The app is very fast, and you will not see any lag or any kind of stuck or freezes. You just need to scroll up, down or do anything, the app is powerful in terms of performance.

 The Trick

There were some issues with this app and thus it was taken down from Google Play Store. Also, twitter managed to block Falcon Pro app so as to prevent users from login the app. The old Falcon Pro users can do login in the app without any hassle, but new users are restricted.

No worries, we have a workaround that lets anybody to use this app. Yes, any twitter user can use this app with a hidden trick which was disclosed recently by a Falcon Pro Beta tester on Google+.

Download Falcon Pro from here and install it on your android phone. You will not be able to login in the app directly, so lets jump straight to how this trick works.

First of all, open up browser and login to your twitter account, on your desktop or on the phone. Jump to twitter developers site and create a new twitter application from here. While creating the application, do provide any random URL in "Website" and "Callback URL" field, and make sure the URL in both the fields are same.


Now, you will be redirected to your Twitter Application Dashboard, click on the settings tab and check on the option that says "Read, Write and Access direct messages" under the Application Type.  Now save the credentials and return back to the details tab.

You need to note down two things, the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret. These will be needed when you will login to Falcon Pro.

Now, open Falcon Pro on your android device you just installed. What you need to do is, tag the falcon logo in the middle of the app, and then tap the four corners of the app once. You will four colored squares at each corner in the end, tap the orange one again to make it disappear.

Now, shake your phone and the app will say "Custom Login Unlocked". Now in the next screen, you will be asked for those Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, enter those in the fields and hit Done. You will be taken to your twitter timeline once it fetches your account information.