WebFonter, a new web app allows you test Web fonts from Font FontShop on any website in your browser. If you're a designer, you must be knowing how important is the selection of fonts, and this app makes it an easy process.

FontShop is a site with thousands of fonts and with WebFonter, you can try any of these fonts on any your online webpages and blogs. One of the good thing about WebFonter is that it works on desktop browser and it is free to use.


WebFonter is very simple to use. You just need to launch it on any site and it will show you a floating dialog box. You can use the dialog box to preview the website with any other font. You can choose from a lot of Web fonts and styles. You can also search for a font using the search box to choose a font.

You can also mark the fonts as favorites and your favorite fonts will appear separately in the Favorites tab. There's also a separate tab which lists the Recently used fonts.


There are three ways in which you can use WebFonter. You can use the Google Chrome extension to launch the app. The extensions for Safari and Firefox will be pushed soon. You can launch the app using bookmarklet or you can use the launcher on their site. You just need to enter the link of the site where you want to preview the fonts in the launcher and hit enter, it will load the site with the dialog box. Now, you can preview different fonts on the site.


The app supports most modern browsers and works even if you are working on local server. Though the app doesn't works on sites which use complex JavaScript, like Facebook and Github. But for an average web designer, this app is really useful.