While creating an app, be it for iOS or Android, it is very important to focus on the app design, because design of the app is what matters the most apart from its functionality. One more thing that needs to be focussed on is the presentation. The way the apps are presented in screenshots and videos makes the first impression.

Earlier, to showcase apps, there used to be high quality photos of apps. But with the availability of mockup designs of devices and services like PlaceIt, it became very easy to mockup app interface designs. Now, to make a beautiful press image for your app, you can just take a screenshot of your app and use it on any of the available mockup PSD file. Below are some of the stunning mockup templates for Photoshop which you can use for showcasing you app’s design.

Free iPad & iPhone 5s Mockups

Flat iPhone 5 Black & White

Nexus 5 Mockup PSD

iPhone 5c Template

iPhone 5 Mockup Template

Free iPhone Mockups

Nexus 5 Mockup

Freebies Mockup iPhone 5

Google Nexus 5 Mockup PSD

iPhone Real Photo Mockup

Nexus 5 Free PSD

iPhone 5S Mockup - Hand PSD

Nexus 5

Flat iPhone 5S PSD Mockup

Flat Nexus 5 3D

How to Use these Templates

To use these templates, download your favorite mockup design. Open the template in Photoshop and you will see a layer with title "Replace Me" or something similar. You need to double-click on that layer and then a new Photoshop tab will open with .psb extension, you just have to place your screenshot in this new tab and save it. Once you save the new tab after placing your screenshot, you can close that tab.

Your screenshot will automatically get into the position of the template. You can then save it as an image.