Just like, a site that allows you to create a About profile of yours, is new site for gamers. It is basically for gamers where gamers, game creators and networks can show off their skills. is currently an invite only network and nice folks over at Player sent me an invite. Once you enter the credentials while signing up, the site asks you to upload a profile picture and a cover picture for your profile page. You will be asked to add your favorite games on the next page. Since the site is in its initial phase, I thought that it should be having a list of few games that we can select in the database but I was wrong. I tried to add some of my favorite games and it suggested most of them except a few.

You can also add links to your profile on different Social Networks like Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, Steam etc. The dashboard is a feed that shows all the updates from the Players you follow. All the updates from the Players that you follow, including updates from Twitter, YouTube etc. will be displayed on your feed. Like Facebook, you can update your status and there's a character limit of 350.


The profile pages displays your profile picture, the cover photo with the links to your social profiles. It also lists the users you follow and your followers. Your profile page will show up the videos from YouTube or Twitch if you have entered the links to your profiles on either of them. Apart from all these details, the profile page lists all your favorite games with their icons. There's a dedicated page for every game which also displays an excerpt about the game and Top Players.

You can easily connect to other gamers by sending a message in personal. The site makes it easy to discover new gamers and make a network.