There aren’t much apps for mac that allow you to manage or organize fonts. Fonts is a minimal interfaced font manager for mac and is a good alternative to Mac’s Font Book app designed by BohemianCoding. Although Font Book is a complete app and is the best option because of its integration with the core, the Fonts app can serve as an alternative to Font Book.


The best thing about Fonts app is the interface it comes with. It doesn’t carry any extended functionality as compared to Font Book but I found it a bit faster.

Fonts is a three columns app with the collections listed in the left column, fonts in the selected collection in the middle one and the preview of selected font in the right column. By default, Fonts displays the default collections like Fixed Width fonts, Traditional and Modern fonts. Users can create their own collections for organizing their fonts. The middle column lists all the fonts contained in the selected collection, which you can preview in list and grid views. If you quickly want to find your favorite font, you can do so by typing the font name in the search box at the top of the middle column.


One nice thing about Fonts app is that in the middle column, you can preview the font variants simply by hovering from left to right in the grid view. Users can also favorite a font.

Clicking on a font gives its full preview on the right column. It displays two paragraphs in different text colors and sizes in the selected font at the top and displays all the characters at the bottom for the selected font variant. Users can select different weights from the drop-down displayed at the bottom of the font name in this column.


In the glyphs view, you can select fonts from the list to view how the characters of the font look like. You can select any letter or character to copy it in the HTML or UTF format. Fonts app is available on Mac App Store for $9.99.