Russian photo editor Anton Logvynenko has redefined the old photos of Titanic into refreshed ones. Titanic was the biggest ship sailed back in May of 1912. With the big launch, the media covered the launch of the ship and the ship was captured in many photographs.

Anton named this project "Titanic in Color" in which he used his skills to remake the old photos with colors, the colors are not the exact ones but the photos shows how it might looked like. The photos in the project covers different areas outside of the ship and interiors too. I have to say that Anton has done impressive job, the photos look real and not like they are manipulated or altered in any way.

titanic-1 titanic-2 titanic-3 titanic-4 titanic-5 titanic-6 titanic-7 titanic-8 titanic-9 titanic-10 titanic-11 titanic-12 titanic-13 titanic-14 titanic-15 titanic-16