Google Chrome is no doubt a popular browser among iPhone and iPad users. Its current design is minimal and usable. But since Google announced Material Design at Google I/O, not now but maybe some time in the future after they release Android L, we can expect to see a new design of Google Chrome for iOS and the new design will definitely be Material Design’ish.

I came across a beautiful and practical Chrome iOS app redesign today on a blog post by Doney den Ouden.





All the elements are same as that of the current Chrome app’s design but they are redesigned with Material Design principles in mind. The font is changed to Roboto and the menu is made light, which looks nice. Tabs view is also inspired by the Recent apps screen of Android L showcased at Google I/O event which looks much better than the current Tabs view of Chrome app . The New tab screen lists Top sites in grids with bigger thumbnails. The second tab in New Tab section displays History. The next two tabs feature Bookmarks and tabs opened on other devices. Overall, I really like the way Doney did the redesign.