It’s kind of common thing now that we receive lots of junk emails in our Inbox and we have to manually trash such emails. It could be worse if you’re subscribed to dozens of sites and newsletters. Handling with this definitely takes sometime which is not so productive.


Unroll is a site that can help you to deal with all the junk mails and manage the newsletters. It gathers up all the undesired mails and newsletters and combine them into a single email which is easy to digest. Not only this, it also gives user One-click unsubscribe option.

What it does is it simply have access to User’s Inbox and scans for the contacts that send you these spam mails or newsletters. Once done, it shows you the list of these senders.


You can select from the list newsletters you want to roll up, and you can also unsubscribe to the desired newsletters with a single click. Incoming mails from all the rolled up newsletters will then be blocked by Unroll.

Unroll collect mails from all the rolled up subscriptions and delivers a daily digest email which they call Rollup. You can set the time when you want to receive the Daily Digest Email, which you can change between Morning, Afternoon and Evening.


Unroll also gives you the option to change the view of the newsletters in Daily Digest Email, which can choose from Grid and list view. It also gives you the option to add new subscriptions to Unroll automatically. So, all the mails from the new subscriptions will directly be sent to Unroll, which you can see in the Rollup email. You can also read the emails from the rolled up subscriptions on the site.

One cool thing about Unroll is that apart from Gmail and Yahoo mail, it also supports other popular email providers including iCloud, AOL mail, MSN and Outlook.