Rockstar games released the Official trailer of Grand Theft Auto 5 which is going to launch on September 17. Grand Theft Auto, GTA, is one of the most popular games out there which combines up the adventure, action and racing too.

The game is re-imagined and made more focuses on Modern Southern part of California with beaches, mountains, expensive stores, malls etc. Truly saying, I haven't played the series after San Andreas, but after seeing the trailer, the gameplay looks much more adventurous and full of action.


GTA 5 will have three real heroes. The newest sequel is based on three main characters, Michael, Franklin and Trevor, and each of them have different trailers.

Michael, was once a successful bank robber. Franklin is a street hustler, and you can checkout about Trevor in the trailer below. Each of them have individual missions, which have the same goal, Destruction. There's lot to see about the story in the video.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has got many new things, like you can customise the cars with different parts, you can now play sports in the game, and you have oceans in which you can dive and you have planes to fly. You can buy clothes for your player. Now you can hunt animals in the game, and even they can hunt you anytime, and a lot of bounties to hunt in the huge city.

The shooting experience is turned to a new level, the actions are now more fun and fluid than before. There's much to do apart from destruction, tennis, skydiving, bike riding etc. with better aspects and responsiveness.