There are hundreds of weather apps that can be found on Google Play Store but not all of them come with sleek interface. We have reviewed Eye in Sky Weather earlier which is still a nice app that comes with customization options and home screen widgets.

The app I am going to review today resembles Nice Weather app in terms of interface. oW Weather is flat design app available not only for Android, but also for iPhone.


Just like Nice Weather, oW Weather uses different flat UI colors in the background to represent different Weather conditions. If GPS is enabled, oW Weather automatically fetches location at each start. Along with the current temperature on the main screen, the app also displays Humidity and Wind speed at the bottom. oW Weather uses minimalistic white icons to indicate these. Users can simply swipe right to check Weather prediction for the next five days.


Users can quickly jump to preferences from the icon on the top left on the main screen. There isn’t much you can customize. Apart from option to set the location manually or automatically, you can just switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Users can also enable Notifications. Once you set the Notification time in the preferences, oW Weather will send Weather notification everyday on that particular time. This comes in handy for those who don’t get enough time to check the phone frequently. The notification includes the temperature at that particular time and the lowest temperature of that day.


You just need to set the location in the app or let it automatically fetch it and leave it. It would be great if oW Weather can display the weather in the defined unit in the notification bar always. There are very nice transitions in the Wind speed indicator icon when you swipe to check weather for other day.

This free app is very easy to use and has nice interface. You can download the app for Android from Google Play Store and for iPhone from iTunes Store.

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