Google just announced Android Wear which will extend Android OS to Wearables. And smartwatches are the first wearables which will come with Google's Android Wear. Android Wear will focus mainly on the information that you need the most. The User interface that will come with Android Wear is specially designed for wearables.

In a demo video shared by Google, the interface of Android Wear looks very clean and minimal and with information all over. It will have Google Now integrated, so you will be able to control most of the things using voice commands. You just have to say "Ok, Google" to get things done just like you do with your Android smartphone. And not only Google Now, most of the Google apps will be available on Android Wear.


Android Wear will support hardware sensors like Accelerometer and Heart Rate monitors which will be helpful for third-party apps tracking purposes and for providing extra functionality and features. It will come with Google's Hangouts app which will help users in communicating with their friends and families. Hangouts in Android Wear will have Reply by Voice or by Touch functionality, so users will be able to make hands free communication. Just like you add have homescreens on your Android phone, Android Wear will have Pages. Users will be able to add additional pages to get notifications from different apps. All the similar notifications like emails will be grouped together.

The center of focus is information, and Android Wear will track your location and will show the information that is most relevant to you for that particular place. The third-party apps will also be able to use this functionality to send updates, notifications and messages at right time. You just have to say "Ok, Google". Whatever you want to do, it starts with that single command. Whatever you want to search or whenever you want to make a call or send a message, you will just need to command to get the task done. With the release of Android Wear SDK, developers can port their apps for Android Wear. So, you will be able to use your most favorite apps right on that small screen device including health and fitness tracking applications. Users will be able to pair Android Wear with their phones, and then you just need to say that command to control your phone.


Not only this, Google says there are lots of possibilities that we can see in Android Wear. And since its Google jumping into Wearables, it would be really interesting to see how Google thinks a smartwatch should be.