HTC is all set to release its new flagship phone, the HTC One M9 which is codenamed “Hima”. The phone will be announced on March 1 but as always, most of its specifications has already leaked.

According to the leaked specifications, the phone will feature a 5.0 inch screen with 1080 by 1920 pixels resolution. It will come with 3GB of RAM, rear camera of 20.7 Megapixel and front camera will be 4 Megapixel. The phone will be top-notch just like the previous HTC One phones. And just like every HTC One phone had its own set of wallpapers, the HTC One M9 will also come with some cool wallpapers which have already leaked by a ROM developer LlabTooFeR. He started sharing the official HTC One M9 wallpapers one by one every day since February 16 and since then, we have seen 13 wallpapers that’ll come with the new HTC One.

[gallery type="rectangular" link="file" ids="3675,3681,3677,3680,3679,3678,3676,3674,3672,3671,3670,3669,3673"]

I've uploaded all these wallpapers on my Google Drive, so if you don't want to download all these wallpaper, you can download your favourite ones from this link. You can download all these wallpapers at once using the download link at the bottom of these wallpapers. There are 13 wallpapers in the pack each with resolution 2160 by 1920 pixels, so you can also use these wallpapers on your desktop.

Download(13.3 MB, ZIP)